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Jujube honey tea

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[Gavo Farms Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea

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Jujube honey tea


Date Honey Tea is developed and made by the GAVO FARMS Co., Ltd. who has acquired INNO-BIZ, GMP(Functional Health Food).


  • This tea is made of well selected Korean dates. Korea Beekeeping Associations' guaranteed honey is added. This traditional tea will give a fresh taste and flavor.
  • How to Serve: Pour mixed 80 ml of hot & cold water over 3~4 tea spoons (about 20g~30g) of Date Honey Tea, and stir until well blended. (Dilution Ratio: Date Honey Tea Vs. Water = 1 : 4)
  • Storage Method : Avoid direct sunshine and store in the refrigerator after opening.